Friday, 10 May 2013

Pascall Mallow Bites Chocs Mint

Pascall's Mallow Bites Chocs range has seen a new flavour join the family. Last year's launch included both Vanilla and Honeycomb, and now we have Mint as well. As with the existing flavours, these new ones are also made in New Zealand, rather than in the good old land of Oz.

The foil bag is only 130g but feels rather hefty in the handy. While the bag did a poor job of protecting the bites - mine are scuffed worse than a pair of kid's school shoes - it does keep them nice and fresh. The scent is well-contained too, and with good reason - it's quite strong! With the addition of the Cadbury milk chocolate, the bag smells like a box of after dinner mints. Not a bad comparison if you ask me.

So our bites are scuffed, with broken chocolate and bare sections of marshmallow visible as well. At least marshmallows are otherwise robust! And boy, did Pascall really lay on the colouring for these! The interior is far brighter than what you can see on the picture, or even the product image on the front of the bag. Think of the colour of a green clinker - that's around the degree of colour we have here. Other than that, the marshmallow is lovely and bouncy with a good pull. It feels a little frothy too, as if it's full of tiny air bubbles. The thin chocolate layer also provides a nice texture as well, otherwise it may feel like a mouthful of froth.

The flavour in the marshmallow is nowhere near as strong as the initial scent would suggest. It's rather like mint choc chip ice cream - creamy and sweet but not very strong. Only a few of these are needed for me to feel satisfied. Despite the artificial flavour, it's rather refreshing!

(That's a Mentos there for a size comparison.)

Five bites are one serve (25g), the product contains milk and soy, and they may contain traces of peanuts and tree nuts.

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