Saturday, 22 December 2012

Gossip: New Seasonal Mars Bar Flavour

The next seasonal release of the classic Mars Bar will be out very shortly, in January 2013. The new flavour will be honeycomb.

To clarify, the nougat will be honeycomb-flavoured, and the bar will be topped with caramel and enrobed with milk chocolate as usual. According to my rep, it tastes similar to the Honeycomb Pods.

What do you think, readers? Are you mystified (as I am) by this flavour combination? Or does this sound strange and outlandish?


  1. Tried this yesterday, found at Coles. I don't think the honeycomb flavour was as strong as the Honeycomb Pods, but instead a bit more subtle.

    1. Interesting! I for one am looking forward to trying it (and of course blogging the review.)

  2. it is very yummy i love it!!!!!

  3. i thought of that you cockmunch