Sunday, 25 November 2012

M&M's Milk Chocolate Christmas Tube

The 2012 Christmas release from Mars features regular milk chocolate M&M's (anyone else wonder why there is an apostrophe in the brand name?) coloured red and green, and shipped in a lengthened plastic tube. The tube come sin two colours, red and lime green, and the outer packaging features snow flakes, and Red and Miss Green wearing Santa hats. Prety cute.

In the picture above you can see both the red and green tubes, and a tube of M&M's Minis. The Christmas version of the tube is a bit more than 1.5 times longer. It's long enough to hold odds and ends like pens, nail files and other things in your bag. At least, that's what I'll be using mine for. :)

It's important to note that the M&M's used in this package are of normal size, not minis. The tube holds 45g, which is four grams less than what you find in the normal bag. These retail for the same price as a medium bar, which I think is about $1.85 RRP.

These don't taste any different to me than normal M&M's - probably because they're not. But the red and green candy coating is a fun seasonal difference, not that chocolate lasts awfully well in these Australian summers, mind you. They would make a cute extra as part of a Secret Santa/Kris Kringle gift, too.

M&M's contain wheat and soy, and may contian traces of treenuts, peanuts and barley.

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