Sunday, 22 July 2012

Capricorn Choc Bites Raspberry

Capricorn is an Australian brand, specialising in licorice products. Their most common products are the 'soft eating' licorice pieces, which come in traditional black as well as raspberry and green apple.

This particular product is the Raspberry Choc Bites, described as 'delicious raspberry flavoured soft eating licorice smothered in creaming milk chocolate'. The image on the front shows small but thick rods of licorice, brightly red in colour, aand coated in smooth, unblemished and light milk chocolate. The bag is made from sturdy, thick foil that keeps the product lovely and fresh.

The licorice rods inside are more like logs, over 1cm thick, about 4.5cm long, and each weighs about 13g. While each log could be one bite, it would be just as satisfying if bitten in two.

Unfortunately the packaging doesn't seem to have protected the logs from the shipping process. Although the chocolate coating isn't broken, each log is heavily scuffed and scratched, and there are cracks around the ends as well. They do smell lovely though, of warm raspberry jam with a touch of cocoa.

As with most Australian soft eating licorice, the bite isn't terribly dense, but neither is it as soft as a gummi nor as tough as some other licorices. It's full of flavour - again,. lots of soft jammy notes, but the sweetness is not cloying or overwhelming. The chocolate complements rather than overwhelms, providing a nice background and a bit of texture to the chew.

The bag holds 250g, and there are ten servings in the back, so a serve is one and a bit logs.  The product contains wheat, sulphites, milk and soy.

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