Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Crown Zappos Chews Pineapple

Crown Confectionery is a Korean company, established in 1947. As well as Zappos confectionery, they also produce biscuits, chocolates and other snacks and confectionery.

Zappos are an exceedingly popular sour product from Crown. The sour chews are the flagship product, but the brand also applies to lollipops, sour straps, bubble gum and other confectionery. The chews are available in many flavours: peach, grape, tutti fruitti, orange, strawberry, raspberry, and cola was a new addition last year. As of this month, the newest addition is Pineapple.

The 26g bar is paper-wrapped in the colours of the flavour. Pineapple comes wrapped in green and yellow, with a picture of a cartoon pineapple on the front. Inside, the seven pieces are wrapped in lime gren wax paper decorated with little pineapples, and what I assume are the Korean symbols for 'pineapple'.

The chew inside is a pale yellow but doesn't smell of much. There's a mild sweet note that smells like dried-up Passiona (which is a passionfruit-flavoured drink) but it doesn't go anywhere near the lip-curling tartness of what I'd expect from a pineapple-flavoured product.

Like most Zappos chews, the sour is relatively mild and tolerable. Thankfully the pineapple flavour makes a bold appearance at the start, crashing in as soon as the chew is in your mouth. It's lovely and tarty enough to make your mouth water, and even carries the mild underlying sweetness that is nice and refreshing. The chew doesn't carry much bounce - once bitten into the chew shrinks a bit in size as each bite milks it of flavour. After about 30 sections it becomes too soft to chew, so it's not a long-lasting chew.

Once the chew is finished the sour disappears fairly quickly, but leaves behind a refreshing sweet note for a few moments. It's an impressive approximation of a difficult flavour, and I will easily finish the pack and go back for more.

Zappo chews are a glucose product, and do not contain any fruit extract.

Have you tried these? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!


  1. The wrapper has 'crown' written in Korean. These are yum!

  2. Make bigger ZAPPO there too small cant get enough of it