Monday, 23 April 2012

Cadbury Caramel Bunnies

(This is a bit late, but for some reason it didn't post earlier, so have it anyway.)

The other new introduction to the Cadbury Easter line up is the 'Caramel Bunnies'. Aimed at women, the Caramel Bunny is a new character that will presumably be sticking around in the future. She even has her own Facebook page.

As per a lot of Cadbury's recent product introductions here in Australia, the Caramel Bunny has been available in the UK, and had a long run over the 1980s and 1990s there. In 2009 she was brought back to advertise the Caramel brand, but (to the best of my knowledge) this is the first time we've seen her on our shores.

The package itself is the new matte foil Cadbury has been introducing over the past year on its medium and king-size bars. On the front, against the golden caramel colour (also used on the Caramel Eggs and other Caramello products) is a sketch of a flirty-looking Miss Bunny, complete with pink bow.

The pack of two weighs 40g, which is about 10g less than the standard Dairy Milk and Caramello medium bar. Each bunny is quite heavy for its size, and is right on 7cm long by 2.5cm wide (feet) and just over 1cm thick. The front is well moulded, showing a reasonable copy of the sketch, complete with little bow. As with most Cadbury chocolate, it's bright and slightly glossy, and has a slight milky smell - though I swear I can smell Easter in there too!

Inside there is a disappointing amount of caramel, though the thick plug of chocolate at the back tells why the bunny felt so heavy. Getting to the caramel was an excursion in itself, but at least the caramel wasn't terrible. The consistency was lovely. It wasn't at all oozy, and didn't find its way out of the decapitated Miss Bunny as I photographed. It was a lovely toffee colour, warm and brown and neither opaque nor transparent.It reminded me a little bit of caramel fudge in flavour, bu was beautiful and smooth. I only wish that there had been more of it!

The combination of the caramel and chocolate is sweet, but not overwhelming, though the flavour will reside in your mouth for a little while. The Bunny is better as two small bites, and one Bunny is one serve.

The Bunnies contain: milk, soy and wheat glucose syrup. They may contain trades of peanuts and tree nuts.

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